Jill Books April 2014

Ann Tracy reviews Monica Wood’s When We Were The Kennedys, a novel of a family coping with the death of a beloved father in the wake of the Kennedy assasination. Continue reading

Adventures of a Grown Up

When Sitting Makes You Groan

My two-year-old nephew absolutely loves my husband. Every time we’re at his house, the boy takes him by the finger and leads him onto the living room floor, and they play with Legos and blocks and Matchbox cars until my husband can’t feel his legs. Continue reading

Good For Hair, and For The Heart

For many seniors, a good hairdresser is like family.

Mary Stewart-Edwards of Classy Images Salon in Plattsburgh talks about the love, friendship and grief that comes with the job.

When a car accident left Sally Pendleton in the intensive care unit, her daughter held daily vigils waiting for her recovery. Continue reading

A fresh trio for your spring garden

In North Country gardens, most of us stick to the basics – zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and green beans.

But maybe this summer is the summer to introduce something different into your garden.

Time for something sweet Continue reading

X-treme Heart

How one local cleaning service has partnered up to provide respite for women with cancer.

Is your house or business truly clean? Did you get into all of the nooks and crannies with that mop? How about the dust on top of the ceiling fans? Let’s not forget about the “who knows what” stuck to the shelf of the refrigerator. Let’s face it, some of us barely have time to take a shower, let alone time to scrub the shower! And what about those people who just physically can’t give their home or office a thorough cleaning? There are several reasons why people might need to call on the help of a cleaning service.

Continue reading

Fostering and Adopting: The Nitty Gritty Side of Parenting

There are few parents I respect more than the ones who fosters or adopts. In my office, I get to witness a practical and realistic approach to parenting on the fly when I care for children who are in foster families. I see families stretched so thin they are transparent, but they still can’t say no when they get the next call. I see a practical form of love that isn’t always cuddly and warm; it often translates into endless visits to Family Connections and trips to the doctor and the dentist and specialists. I see love that is tentative, waiting for the next court date, the bittersweet moment when permanency becomes an option. Sometimes I don’t see much love but I almost always see a willingness to fulfill an obligation and fill a need. Continue reading

Spring’s Green Light

This first week of April reminded of a line from Johnathan Mistletoe by Christopher Morely: “April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.” Winter did indeed overstay its welcome in the North Country, as many of us found ourselves shoveling and salting well after March had flipped by on the caledar. But with fifty degree ahead, and as more of our lawn emerges from the melting snow, we can finally allow ourselves a little hope that spring is showing its green light. We boldly dare to pack away the sweaters for storage, throw the windows open for a little fresh air, and get to our spring cleaning and gardening. Continue reading


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